Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In which poop disposal is evaluated...

Disposable diapers are much like Twinkies in that they will survive any number of Ragnaroks and Apocalypses (Apocalypsii?) The terrible shame is that they are hardly considered viable by ANYONE in this country, and without thought we throw gabillions of these into the earth everyday. Naturally I cannot be arsed to find you the actual figures, so if'n you don't believe me, you will need to google that shit or just trust me. It's entirely mind-boggling.

Worse than that is the sheer number of harmful and carcinogenic chemicals that parents put on our little babies derrieres by attaching these monstrosities. Would you rub cancer causing agents on your genitals? I suppose "different strokes," and all that - but I don't want to hear about it, thank ye.

If you have read this far, you've probably come to the conclusion that I am clothing Dumpling (nearly six months now) in reusable diapers, and you're welcome for that. And so is she! I actually hand wash fecal matter from cloth every night before I go to sleep... and I am entirely content - nay, gleeful - to do so. The experience has been so uplifting that I honestly have distaste towards anyone who does not choose to consider this. The most common objection is that it is difficult, and that one may not have the time, but I reject that. I am busy, quite possibly busier than you, and it is less hassle than washing dishes. Fer chrissake, buy them. They will save you THOUSANDS of dollars, and will last through multiple children.

I, too, have thrown those little Eco-bombs away in the dark past. When Smiles and Prairiedog were little tadpoles, we were given hundreds of Huggies to begin our journey into the realms of pooping humans. Of course the hospital sent us away with a decent stack as well. I lament my ignorance back then, and I blame our horrible societal tendency to blithely do what is most convenient for us without evaluating our personal impact on the planet, or our own children's health. If I were to do it again, there's no way I would do anything but cloth diapers. Save money? Refrain from (literally) taking a shit on Gaia? Keep my baby comfortable, basically rash-free, and refrain from putting poison on the nether bits? Yes, please.


  1. You'll probably be glad to know that cloth diapering is, for lack of a better term, making a huge comeback. We cloth diapered our daughter (and shook our heads that anyone would prefer those nasty disposables) and I would venture to say that at least half of our baby-raising friends, if not more, have used cloth as well. yay!

  2. I'm really glad to hear it, and commend you for it! It is great to see trends change, especially when it's for the better!