Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A blog.... about dadding?

My dad suggested a few weeks back that I start a journal to document the dealings I have with my ex-wife, the mother of my lad Smiles (age 11 on the 20th) and daughter Prairiedog (age 8.) While I think this is a great idea, I feel that a blog about shoddy co-parenting is not a very thrilling prospect for a reader, nor do I find the idea very fun. So I shall make this both the place where I document (read: vent) and the place where I analyze the various eco-friendly/good fer baby/cool kids techniques that we are using. I will also try to bring some perspective with our "blended" family experiments. Sometimes it's a rather volatile mixture.

By way of introduction, I am your host "Pigeon"... I am engaged to my lovely gal "Lamb." We have her daughter "Bean" from a previous marriage, and we recently got full custody of my son "Smiles" and daughter "Prairiedog." But wait...There's more!! Lamb and I created a perfect little "Dumpling" recently (nearly six-months ago, to be precise) and we both consider ourselves fortunate to be able to raise her the way we want to (cloth diapers, breastfeeding, whole foods, Suzuki method, &c.)

To recap: One dad, one mom, three kids and a baby.

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